McCormick High School

Achieving Excellence



Mr. Steve English, Principal

    Mrs. Gena K. Wideman, Assistant Principal






September 9, 2014


Dear Senior Parents and Guardians,

The date of the McCormick High School graduation has been changed from May 29, 2015 to June 5, 2015.  I wanted to communicate this change to you, the parents and guardians as soon as possible and this is the purpose for this letter.

The reason for this change is academic. McCormick High School would like to make sure that seniors have every opportunity to pass their final exams and therefore increase the probability of graduating. 

McCormick High School has very few classes that only contain seniors.  Most classes have a combination of underclassmen and seniors. If seniors are given their exams earlier than other students they will not be afforded the same opportunity to review and prepare for their exams.

McCormick High School’s graduation rate is 87.5 percent. Although that is one of the higher rates in the state, McCormick High School wants to make sure every student has the opportunity to graduate with a High School Diploma.

Thank you,


Steve English, Principal

McCormick High School