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RMC Research Corporation, in partnership with the South Carolina Department of Education, produced a study of Act 284, the Read to Succeed Act, to better understand South Carolina stakeholders’ perceptions of and experiences with Read to Succeed. In this study, literacy leaders at the state and district level, along with classroom teachers, provided responses on the impact of Read to Succeed.

The report has been summarized with some of the key findings below; 

Key Findings:

District perspectives.

  • School districts reported that teachers were using data more effectively and working collaboratively in data teams to find solutions to ensure student success. A district literacy leader observed that there is a collective responsibility in educating all students.

Teacher perspectives. There was strong agreement among teachers that the Read to Succeed initiative:

  • increased time for instruction/intervention for students with reading deficiencies (86%)
  • improved K-3 reading outcomes (85%)
  • changed their instructional practices (83%)
  • increased their efforts to engage parents and guardians of struggling readers (81%)

When teachers were asked, “From your perspective, what are the most positive aspects of Read to Succeed?”

  • More than a third of teachers commented on the opportunities for professional learning and growth
  • About a third of the teachers indicated that classroom instruction has improved throughout their schools

The following teacher responses further highlight the benefits of Read to Succeed at the classroom level:

“Having a reading coach in every building has been extremely positive…Now, coaches work in coaching cycles which last several weeks and are much more beneficial than superficial one-time walk-throughs and observations.”

“Giving all teachers, even special areas, the knowledge and tools to identify the struggling readers. It stresses that everyone is a reading teacher and we can all work together to make a difference.

“I have valued the professional development aligned with Read to Succeed. This has allowed me to make the most of the data collected on my students and use it effectively.”

“I think this is helping teachers to see that we are ALL accountable for teaching our students to read and that being strong readers is so closely linked to success in life.”



Don D. Doggett

Superintendent of McCormick County Schools